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Carpets may not look like magnets, but they definitely act like one. Why is this comparison used? Because everything that isn’t supposed to stick to their surface, for example, juice, blood, or cooking oil, is destined to one day end up on their delicate fibres. But don’t make the common mistake of scrubbing the stain – this may damage the fabric and allow the smudge to soak in even deeper. Here is what you can do instead…

If you need a miracle to remove an old stubborn stain you might as well call us right now! Our cleaners are extensively trained at stain removal and carry a full professional spotting kit that can remove a large number of stains such as red wine, rust, urine, make-up, dried paint, oil, tea, coffee, chewing gum and ink.




Only the best machinery, tools, solutions, chemicals and equipment used


We take many methods of payments, including cash, cheque and BACS


Trained and certified for all aspects of our work. Staff are continually assessed


Affordable pricing is always important to us and we keep prices low for customers

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